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We can help you with all your seeding needs.  Over seeding, slice seeding, and more. Contact us for a FREE Estimate today!

Lawn Repair Dayton,OH

Usually people think of seeding only when creating a new lawn however there are other forms of seeding that are valuable when restoring a lawn. Slit seeding and over seeding are excellent way to improve the turf density of your existing lawn. This process allows direct contact with  the soil which maximizes the seed germination rate. It’s an excellent method to renovate weak, thin or damaged areas. Slitting ensures proper “seed to soil” contact and promotes grass seed germination.

Leisure Time Lawn specialists will inspect and evaluate your lawn to determine the right services for your property and your budget.

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We’re happy to handle the regular outdoor chores like lawn mowing and landscaping and more, while you focus on the important things in life. and don’t forget to call us for the seasonal jobs like Fall and Spring cleanups that have a way of consuming an entire weekend.